Thursday, February 27, 2014

Waking Up and Love

Most people imagine they can drift into love
and that if they are drifting with the right person,
that's enough

with this problem
a rather huge one

in sleep
in mindlessness
all we can do is be happy when things
are going our way
when under stress revert
to the default programming

this is usually good old Mom and Pop

and how they related when things were under stress:

feeling bad
feeling sad
getting distracted by work

whatever they did
is what our robots
got trained to do

and so:
that's what we do
when under stress and
not living in the now

in our relationship

and the other way around:
if we are mindful
and stress comes down
we can be present to our bodies
and our partner
and our love
and decide to do something
from there

something loving
something fun
something wise
something honest

usually not what we learned from Mom and Pop
when they were under stress

you can be mindful

I can be mindful

the next posting will be the Gurdjieff meditation
a way to be mindful full time
not just on the meditation cushion

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