Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Freedom and Love

Falling in love
a strange
and wonderful happening

and it involves a certain surrender
and a certain confidence
that life is good

and a hope that the other person can fall with us

and a blessed insecurity:

we don't know what is going to happen

and that's the blessing:

we get to keep discovering

and if you are lucky
you discover,
as Susanna and I have,
that "things" keep getting
better and

and what is helping?

Talking about what's hard to talk about.


Letting the other take charge

Giving each other space

Getting very close for long periods of time

Lots of kissing
before talking
before anything

letting the unknown
be the unknown

there's more

and it's weird and wonderful
because security and passion are supposed
to be
some sort of mutually exclusive deal

they aren't
at least with us

and more turned

how does that happen?

We'll keep discovering
and then
turn it into a book
and a workshop

it's too big for a blog

and meanwhile:

what present
can you fall into?

into which present
can you
fall with delight?

being present is
always freefall

and if you identify with awareness
there it is:
and excitement

all at once


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