Thursday, March 02, 2017

A game for Learning as Enlightenment, and Connection as Love

Day Eleven:
Enlightenment as 
Learning, or..
“Trying” less hard, or…
“Enjoying” more
with a friend (or
on your own)

This can be done with a partner.
If you have a partner, this is an amazing way to come to presence and touch and learning and connection, as you become a newer and more highly organized person.
That’s a mouthful.

Okay, it’s fun.
How’s that.

Enlightenment as Learning Plus Touch
Enlightenment Game #3

Sit with a partner.
(You can do this game on your own.
You’ll learn a lot.
If you want a partner, keep playing the games in this book. We’ll come to the “Heart’s Desire” part of Lust. Then it’s your time to write goals about the partner you want, and more important, about the shape and quality of the relationship you want.)

Take turns reading these instruction, until you each “get it.”
Then, hold hands and “do/ learn/ experiment/ experience” this game.

Head turning with doing it different/ better instead of doing it “right.”

Turn your head left and right as your partner matches you.
Come up with a mirror image direction you both want to improve. (One to the right, the other to the left)
We’ll call the direction you want to enjoy improving, the “happy” direction.
We’ll call the direction that might well “lag behind” the “normal” direction.

Turn right and left with this false idea: to make this “right,” I need to turn farther and farther.
Strain a little.
Do the famous “stretching.”
Don’t do this too much.

Now, (again read these to learn in turns, then do it together)
Turn your head both ways and notice the difference between the happy direction and the normal direction.

Now, try this “better”….
As you turn in the normal direction, don’t change anything.
As you turn in the happy direction, go at half speed and half effort.
Do this four or five times and then close your eyes and “rest.”
And you can do the whole thing with eyes closed if you’d like.

Now try this better:
Normal do without any changes
Happy: keep up slower and softer and add on smiling.
Go back and forth the two ways for six to ten times, see how much you can enjoy the happy direction as slow and easy and with a smile on your face.

Rest again.
Feel the overall shift in your mood from movement with attention.
Feel the easing up from doing things in the new=now mode.

Back to improving movement by “better not right.”

Turn halfway to the happy direction.
Stay there and easily, while smiling, turn your eyes more in the happy direction and then back to where your nose is pointing.
Combine this with slow.
Combine this with less effort.
Combine this with enjoying paying attention.

Then come to the middle and rest.

Now, go the sixty percent to the happy direction.
Play the easy eyes, with smile and slow and less effort, to the happy direction and..
Let your tongue come to the edge of your lower lip and playfully head back toward the center when your eyes go a little in the happy direction.
This will be tongue one way and eyes the other.
Breathe easy.
Enjoy new = now.
Enjoy learning = noticing differences.
Without you trying.
Actually, especially because you aren’t trying. You are experimenting and experiencing.
This is real learning.

Come back to the center.

Now experiment with turning easily to the normal direction and the happy direction.
What do you notice about differences in each way.


Do this separately.

Then do this holding hands.

Enjoy what goes on as you do this in synchronization.

It could be good.
It might be very good.
It might even be very very good.

Life is movement.
Life is learning.
Life is connection.

This is all that…. and more.

And if you don’t have a partner.
Maybe a friend can stand having their hands held. (PS, if you don’t have a mate, don’t use this as a dating tool. Find a friend of the sex you don’t want to date/ mate, and if they are game, good. If not.. keep wondering what life might be like with a learning buddy/ friend/ great love in your life.)
And if you don’t have anyone, fine… Do this learning on your own.

Remember the meta learning here: doing it right, sucks.
Find more and more ways of doing it “better,” especially if “better” means slower and happier and with less effort, will be key in finding a real person to be with, instead of the ghastly results that will occur if you find the “right” person.

So, learn on your own.
Learn with a friend.
Learn with your partner.

You’ll life will expand every day.
As our buddy Bob Dylan says, “He not busy being born, is busy dying.”
Or, mystical subtext: “He or she not busy being born, is busy dying.”

Be born.
Turn your head more fun in one way.
Discover some “better” ways of your own.

Sense your feet on the floor.
Feel gravity.
Enjoy a piece of nature out some window.
Smile some more.


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