Thursday, March 02, 2017


Day Ten:
LUST as 
Touch ….
Sharing Noticing in the Present

This is so elementary that most of us don’t know that we know this.
This is touching as noticing that your hand is DOING THE TOUCHING. 
And then, the other way, touching as noticing that SOME PART OF YOU IS BEING TOUCHED.

Don’t worry if this seems complicated. It only is until you “get it,” and once you get it, you’ll smile at having know it all along.

Lust Prep Game #4: Touching as a Two Way Noticing
Start the game as a private revelation.
Sit comfortably and begin to stroke your left arm with your right hand.
Sense this two ways:
One: Notice the feeling of your right arm as you sense it from the point of view of your right fingers
Two: Notice the feeling of your left arm as you notice the fingers stroking in from the point of view of your left arm.
Go slowly.
We do this all the time and don’t notice it.
Notice it.
Breathe easier and deeper.
Go back to shifting your attention from noticing the left arm from the point of view of the stroking fingers, and putting your attention on noticing the stroking fingers from the point of view of the left arm.

If you haven’t done this yet,
do it.
It’s easier, far easier than you “think.”
It’s not about thinking.
It’s about getting out of your head.

So is good sex.
So is great sex.

Lust Preparation Game #5: Matching Each other in the  Pelvic Rocking

Sit facing a partner, or a friend not worried to move the pelvis and hold hands.
Do the pelvic rocking we set up in game #2, minus the various guiding helps of the hands following the belly in and out and following your sternum up and down.

So, face each other and take turns reading these instructions, so you can re-view, and re-learn this more simple version, one at a time.

Start with your pelvis, rocking your weight forward as you
Push your belly out, and
Breathe in, and
Raise your sternum, and
Arch your back, and
Lift your head and gaze a bit

Smile at the top.

Starting the reverse movement again with your pelvis (good judo, good dance, great sex), shift your weight to the back, as if to lean on your spine against the chair below, as you
Pull your belly in
Breathe out
Lower your sternum
Round/ fold/ slump your back
Point your head and nose down toward your lap


Get the rhythm and then, once you each have it, do it four or ten times as a synchronized game.
The breathing together alone makes this extremely valuable.

Lust Preparation Game #6: Pelvic Rocking in Synch While Holding Hands
Do all the rocking you’ve just done in synch
And add holding hands while you do this

Combine the hand holding with alternating attention:
Sometimes notice how your fingers are touching their hands.
Sometimes notice how their fingers are touching your hands.

This seems silly.
Silliness is next to godliness.

This seems small.
Small is where great sex is at.

This seems “too much trouble.”
It isn’t.

Just play with it and notice the difference it makes.
(Meta-concept: Learning is noticing a difference that makes a difference) 

Should/ could you add this to journalling gratitudes and enlightenment as either silliness or enlightenment as stillness as your practices today?


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