Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Do you Want Love, Lust and Enlightenment Coaching?

Do You Want Love, Lust and Enlightenment Coaching: 

Love as Sharing

Lust as Touching

Enlightenment as 
Ongoing Happiness
Total Forgiveness
Being Present
Deeply Meaningful Life

Love is communication. 
Love is listening.
Love is being present while you listen.
Love is being present while you talk..
How well are you doing at that?

Can and do you talk every day on non-business and non-contention areas?
Do you feel your talking is expanding joy, presence, love and learning?
Can you talk about what you want and what might make it better?
Do you have three or four fun ways to go when something needs to be resolved?

Lust ends up in sex.
And how is your everyday touching?
Is it new and fresh?
Do you love your nakedness together each night?
Is kissing a treat?
Do you have at least three ways of grandly exulting in the glories of sex?
Can you talk about what you want and what might make it better?

Is being happy at least 90% of the time?
Are you.

Is being present in body awareness of arms and legs and spine and neck and breathing and fingers and toes at least 70% of the time.
Are you?

And, these numbers are just something I made up.

Enlightenment is enjoying what might irritate others, or the robot in you. Can you do that.

Enlightenment is forgiveness.
The past is over: can you live in and love that reality.
The present has no words of resentment or demands the past/ someone else “should” have been different.
Can you do that?
The future is open: can you formulate wonderful “we goals,” and take action toward them.
The healing can take place in you: can you work on, in yourself, whatever “flaw” is bothering you in the other. (Not be angry at someone’s anger. Not be impatient with someone’s impatience. Not judge someone’s judgment. And so on: this is a relentlessly useful practice.)

And enlightenment has to spill out: what is your wish for the bigger world, and where do you wish to joyfully, and in presence and love, put your self and partnership to work creating beautiful and necessary change?


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