Friday, January 26, 2018

Awakened Couples/ Saving the World/ Waking up + Having Purpose

The world is a mess.

Climate change. Racism. Insane politics. Starvation in Africa. Ecological collapse around the corner.

And: who is to help this?

And if it's us, how are we to help this and stay happy and enjoying deeply pleasurable relationship along the way?

Gratitude is certainly one part.

Being present, for sure, without that, we are lost to life and steady prey to all old and crappy programming

Loving what is, and not believing our "words in our head" is another.

Writing goals instead of worry and complaint, is another.

That's why I'm writing the book.

Let me know what you'd want to improve in love, in lust, in enlightenment, in "saving the world"

It's not that hard, and it's huge: the general trance is one with no meaning, and no presence.

We need a life of meaning.

We are wasting our life if we are not present.

Let's have some fun shifting to both, and more. (See a couple of days ago for a list of nine)


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