Friday, February 02, 2007

A Big Dream: Land, Love, Earth and People Healng

During my Feldenkrais training I kept coming across statements from Moshe Feldenkrais to the effect that this work was the work of liberation, that it was about the fulfillment of our "vowed and unavowed dreams." For a long time I thought that was too farfetched.

And then, all of a sudden, halfway through my training I find myself running for City Council. An unavowed dream: to make a difference in the public world, a dream I'd been nibbling away at with rather intelligent letters to the editor, and my work of reclaiming dull and messy land and turning it into the Sonoma Garden Park.

But here were all these people running for City Council and no one was talking about ecology the way I wanted to hear it talked about, as something you lived daily, not just paid lip service to as you drove a mile to go to meetings about the War for Oil. And I thought that people had to start thinking about being more present and into the life of Simplicity and Now if they were going to talk about Quality of Life (which everyone running for office in super quaint Sonoma talks about).

So I ran, on a Slow Sonoma platform: slow down our car speed, our building new homes speed, our rushing around in our lives speed.

I didn't win.

I got a lot of ideas out.

Along the way, a vowed dream of mine has become to get better and better at doing the Feldenkrais work with myself and with other people. For this I've begun to take advantage of the knowledge of Anat Baniel, who some in the Feldenkrais world like and some don't.

People have their opinions. I can see why people might have problems with Anat, but her teaching is glorious, so I've decided to redo a complete training with her, and her training is 90 days in ten 9 day (two weekends and the week in between) segments.

In the first segment several vowed dreams are coming true: to do something wonderful again with my son, who is now 30. I suggested that the transformative aspects of how Anat goes about her work might be useful for the stuckness he's having in his acting career, and he and I have always liked doing physical things together: tai chi camp, and one summer he worked for me in my landscaping business.

Anyway, he's in the training and it's great to be with him.

Another vowed dream is to improve in this work, and that's coming true, too.

An unavowed dream, one I didn't know I had, was to be in a large group of people I really liked, and to have a bunch of those people be good food eating nature lovers like me and a bunch of those people to be men (since most yoga, Feldenkrais and gardening things are almost all women). Anyway, the group is large and varied and very wonderful to be in.

And now: the big dream.

To create a Transformation and Healing (Healing Earth and Healing People) Place on a large piece of land, to create a place where the three passions I mention in my profile come together.

1 )My passion for nature and growing my own organic food and helping the earth with permaculture and a lifestyle as free from the car as possible.
2) And my passion for the Byron Katie work and other pathways that allow people to be happy and present and communicate in ways to have not only happiness for themselves, but happiness in relationship.
3) And my passion for this Feldenkrais Way work, this work of liberation and transformation by getting back into the joy and delight of learning and moving and thinking and feeling better and better.

So: big piece of land.

Housing for staff and guests of totally green sort.

Growing our own food and meat.

People who come can commit to silence at times and to being present. They can work in the garden, or not.

People can come to be quiet and connect with land and nature and themselves, or can participate in yoga (of a brain / heart / body sort I wish to invent) and Feldenkrais and the Anat Baniel Method. And in Permaculture trainings. And in Byron Katie and relationship healing and enhancement training.

So good food, good land use, good learning, ecology, classes outside and in nature, people living the life of now, nature and love.

A big dream.

I don't know how it will happen.

Your reading about it and maybe responding might be part of that.

Now, nature (of brain / body selves and the big nature) and love. Love of self and others and nature and learning.

A place maybe where autistic children can have a school of transformation and learning. Maybe we can pay for the low income kids with grants and with fees from wealthy individuals who want to golf or ski or relate to their spouses or nature better. Who want to thrive inwardly as well as outwardly.

A place where parents of special needs children can learn the Awareness Through Movement / Transformational Learning Lessons. I place where people can retire and not be off in some idiotic home. A place where we can make a difference by living the difference.

And a place where a big group of people, those living there and running the center and doing the gardening and changing the sheets (people can change their own, actually) and doing the work, can live together as community, relating to nature and now and love in ways that will surely sometimes need improvement and just as surely will sometimes by glorious.

Friends of the Earth and Friends of Each Other and Friends of Ourselves.

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