Monday, February 12, 2007

To be small, or to expand

To be free is an interesting matter.

Lots of people have their ideas of what you should do and how you should do it. To ignore all of them, might mean a traffic accident or two. But to spend a life placating and bowing and scrapping so that others and their obsessions with order and control and their inner pictures of the disaster lurking around the corner if things are done a new way: ugh.

We can't live that way.

At least I can't.


In the Feldie world, you can find people, even I, sometimes slipping into "doing things the right way," and basically we simply get ourselves out of that trap and move back into the world of discovery.

This is a fine trick, a fun puzzle: how to allow people to understand and use this work, this Feldenkrais "Way" not just to "fix" a sore back or shoulder, but to begin to repattern and reorganize themselves to move more effectively as a body and a body/ brain and as a being in a complicated and sometimes constricting world that seems set up to keep people small and less than they could be.

This work could be about waking up to the vastness of our potential.

I invite you to join in the work in that way.

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