Monday, February 26, 2007

Learning to Turn, Learning to Learn

1) Sit toward the front of your chair. Both feet on the ground. Breathe and notice how it is to be in your chair and in your body and in your mind. Look around yourself to the left and to the right, as if to see something back there on both sides. See how this feels and how this goes.

2) Come to the center and rest.

3) Put your right hand on your left shoulder and your left hand on your right shoulder. Now turn to the left in two ways: one as if all these ribs didn't matter and turning was just about the head, and after doing that for awhile, turn as if your chest and ribs could help with the turning. Do three times of each way, back and forth, letting the differences be interesting to you.

4) Come to the center, lower your arms, and rest. See how you feel now in your self.

5) Put your hands as in three, though starting with the left hand first. Turn about halfway to the left, and look at whatever is in front of you. Let's call this: The View. Now, gently, slowly, easily and with awareness and curiosity, move your head right and left, while keeping your eyes fixed on The View. So, head moves, eyes stay focused on The View.

6) Come back to the center, arms down, rest.

7) Switch arms, come half way, and now, keeping your head pointed toward The View, let your eyes go left and right to both sides of this.

8) Come to the center and rest.

9) Switch arms again, don't worry if you can't keep this straight, and again go half way. This time, slowly, slowly, slowly, move your head to the left as your arms and chest go to the right (just do a little, this is for the brain, not for showing off to some Inner Critic), and then move your head to the right as your arms and chest go to the left. Do this a number of times.

10) Come to the center and rest. Turn around to look behind yourself to the left and see if a difference is showing up from the beginning.

11) Put your right hand on your right thigh, and your left hand at your left hip. Turn to the left, and as you turn, let your right leg come forward, and your left hip come back, so you are involving your pelvis in turning to the left. Do this slowly and with awareness and pleasure.

12) Come to the rest and rest. Visualize turning to the left with the involvement of your pelvis and without the involvement. See what difference it makes in imagination.

13) Put your hands again as in 11, and turn to the left. Now experiment with two ways of involving your pelvis. In one way, you tense and pull in and tighten your stomach, and in the other you push out and relax your stomach as you arch your back a little while you turn. Do each enough to find the pleasant and easy way to do this.

14) Rest and see how you feel. Visualize your eyes going left and right. Visualize your head and chest going to the left. Visualize your pelvis and back participating.

15) Now, simply turn to look around yourself, both to the left and to the right. Notice how you feel and what you seem to be learning.

16) Come to stand. Walk around and see if you feel different inside of yourself.

This is a more detailed, and slightly different lesson than the first one in The Desk Trainer Free Intro Lesson

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