Friday, February 09, 2007

Life and Love

Well, folks, this is one of those late night blogs, where the words either come easily, or not, and we'll discover as we go along how that's going to go.

When you love someone, the nice thing is this: it's about them, and if you really love them, it's really about them and so you are free.

Let's switch the pronouns: when we love we are free. Because why? Because we don't have to be concerned about how we are doing, or are we good enough, or what the other thinks about us: we just think about how great the other is and how much we want them to be happy.

That's love. It's not about us, it's about them.

And in Feldenkrais, if we do the lesson "right," it's about the other person, not about how smart we are, or how connected to them or ourselves we are (though that will certainly help), but about how much they are learning.

A lesson means: the client learns.

And what does the client learn: to move more easily, to connect to themselves in a more full and sweeter way, to be happier and more at ease in their own body. They could learn to like and appreciate the wonder of themselves. They could learn that they have dreams that they've put on the shelf that all of a sudden seem worth dusting off and pursuing. They might learn that it's okay to change, okay to try less hard, okay to pay more attention, that it's wonderful to be present, that it's sweet to pay attention to themselves.

Which is to say: they can be learning to love themselves from brain cells to tippy toes, from in breath to out sigh, from hard bones to invisible awareness. Self love. Self awareness.

It's all about their learning.

It's all about their happiness.

Sounds like love to me.

(That was easy. Hmmm.)

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