Monday, February 05, 2007

The Porpoise of Life 2


We learn by slowing down, and slow Sonoma dot com is about the huge advantage of that, but then we like to zip along on our bikes, our trash the tennis ball around, or roar down a ski slope, or laugh our heads off at a silly movie, or run across a field for the pure joy of running.

Life is to be lived.

Which means: getting outside.

Which means: going full speed ahead sometimes for the thrill of it.

Which means: playing and not being initimidated by authority or what other people think,
or any ideas of what we think is right or wrong or a "mistake."

Which means: having fun, being silly.

So, while going slow is an absolute necessity to the learning that takes place in the Feldie work,
we need to let 'er rip every once in a while, to gain the Feldenkrais idea
of living a full, rich and wonderful life.

So let's go at it like this:

Feldenkrais is fantastic for taking neck and back pain and showing someone how to become a person who doesn't live that way anymore.

And at an even better level, the work is for those who want to take a realization that they can transform from pain to no pain and go for a life where they can transform humdrum into excitement, unhappiness into happiness, a mediocre life into a fantastic one.

This is the porpoise of life: to live life, with fullness and richness and zest and joy and vitality.

This is what WakeUp Feldenkrais is about. And this is what you'll get if you come to work with me.

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