Sunday, December 05, 2010

Ear ing and Hearing and Attention and Music and Memory, Yes

Try this sitting, lying down and standing.

Imagine some music: I started with Dream, Dream, Dream, the old Paul Anka song, and then used the Beatles and then some Mahler. You pick the music.

Look straight ahead and imagine this music in your left ear. Enjoy it as richly as you can there. While doing this sense your five lines: two arms, two legs and spine. Breathe. Hear the music in your left ear.

Now begin to slowly turn your head to the right, so that your ear seems to leave the music slightly outside of it and to the left. Play with this a bit, going to the right and back to the middle with your nose as the music goes from inside your left ear to slightly outside.

Sensing all of you.

Now, play with rotating your head, slowly of course, to the left so that the music comes into the middle and then to the right ear and eventually all the way outside your right ear.

Do this in bits, as well as a flow.
Which means: sometimes have the music flow from left ear to the middle to right ear to outside as a steady shift. Sometimes play with the interval of music in the middle and music in the right ear, say, or any of the possible combinations.


Now, do this all again, noticing what you are seeing outside yourself in the world as you head shifts one way and the music appears to shift the other.

Now alternate your eyes, so as you head turns to the right and the music shifts to the left, your eyes look to the left, too, as if following the music.


Now play with the music as moving rather than your head, and follow the music as it passes left and right, with these combinations: left ear and right eye, and right ear and left eye.


Then have the music shifting, but outside of you and in front, rather than as we’ve been doing from straight to the side and through your head.

Imagine the music shifting right to left and back, slowly, and watch and listen to this shifting music with all the possible combinations:

Left eye and right ear.
Left eye and left ear.

Right eye and left ear.
Right eye and right ear.

Just sit, maybe with a big fat smile on your face imagining how much fun you are going to have today exploring this in the “real world.”

Love yourself as you learn.


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