Thursday, December 02, 2010

a lesson for hearing, learning, living and enlightenment

What are these dancers hearing
from which ear are they

Life is a dance.
Let's learn as we do so.

You know, sweet readers and learners,
long long ago, we all of us needed to survive in conditions
where hearing was of life and death importance.

In particular, hearing what was above and below and
us, made a difference between surviving and being someone else's

And now we hardly even notice whether a sound is coming
from the right or the left,
and rarely play with/ learn about using one ear
and the other
and discovering their personalities, you know,
like strong points and weak points, habits, all that.

So, let's start.

1. Ye olde body scan:
Lie down on the floor
Notice the first difference: what is the difference between being horizontal and supported and living in the upright world

Noticing differences is the fundamental unit of intelligence

Learning is what separates humans from the rest

Rest assured, that if you lie down a couple of times a day and
just do that:
notice the differences, more and more in detail,
you will change your life.

2. Scan the parts, the biodiversity of you:
start with the right leg: toes to the hip joint, sense it all
next right hand, finger tips, each and all, to the shoulder blade, which is not the top of the upper arm, and how big is the shoulder blade, and what is it like to sense from five finger tips to the shoulder blade

fill in the rest: left arm, shoulder blade down
left leg, left hip joint down





all of you

3. Good

Now notice the difference: who and how are you after indulging/ gifting yourself with the time and attention to come back home to yourself in the horizontal out of gravity world?

And where is gravity, even though you are horizontal, can you feel yourself as one big foot?

4. Now, slowly turn your head right and left.
and what?

Notice differences

Always slowly, always less than the limit, always looking for pleasure, always making each movement new from the last, always being open to connections with other "parts" than the moving "part"

5. Rest.
What's the difference having done some heading home to the top?

6. Now, just turn your head slowly to the left.
and back to the middle.
many times.


Now turn many times to that side and back just to the middle with the nose and takes your right hearing and turn it the same way as your head.

Imagine, the ear, the right ear is listening first to the left as your head turns that way
back to the middle as your head returns to the middle.

Go very slowly.
See if that ear, your right ear can tune to the left and then back to the middle.
Fake it till you make it. Imagine. Hone in. Discover.
Learning to learn is the game of transforming our lives.


6. Turn your head slowly left and to middle without any ear stuff.
Any difference.

Now play with the left ear to the left as head turns that way and back
to the middle as your head comes back.


Now alternate, 3 times the left ear, 3 times the right,
going to the left and back to the middle with the turning of your nose.


7. Imagine, doing all the above with the ears, one at a time, tuning the opposite
way of the moving of your head.

8. Then do it. First left ear this time, tuning to the middle as your head turns to the left, and tuning to the left as your head returns to the middle.

Rest. Imagine this with your right ear.
Then do it.

Then imagine alternating 3 times each ear as you move your head (the ear and the head both in imagination)
Then do it, experience it, love the you ness of your learning beyond who you thought you were.


9. Do all the above in this way:
As your head goes to the left, sometimes rotate your toes to the left, and sometimes to the right.
Keep ankles as they are, and rotate your toes in your hips joints, like windshield wipers, and sometimes the toes wag left as your head is coming back to the middle and sometimes they was left as your head is turning to the left.

Play with that as a possible wake up to your day game.


10. Add on ears to the head and toes game.


11. For old time Feldies, eyes could be added, but I'd wait until another day,
and do a lot of imagining first.

12. Very important: get up and walk around, preferably outdoors, preferably at least twenty minutes with no cell phone any where near you.
Walk and feel each foot on the ground and play:
listening with the ear of the foot touching/ pressing the ground
listening with the ear of the foot lifting/ off the ground

Do this and follow your breathing

Do this and have no words in your head

Do this for the sake of the enlightenment of you and the whole race,
but don't think even that in words

Without words:
no you.


Peace that passeth all understanding.


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