Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Possibilities of really deepening the work: Anat Baniel Method

The below in response to a grumpy
review of Anat from afar on FeldyForum:

I've just finished my 209 th day of studying with Anat. A few of those days are three day
workshops but mainly it was as the 9 day segments she teaches, the first ten constituting what she
calls the Basic Training, after which one can charge for FS, her term for FI, and then 4 segments on 
special needs children,
and two on vitality and anti-aging
and one on high performers.

Her aim in each 9 day segment is
to exceed the last segment and create
a transformative experience for the life
of every student in that segment.

She succeeds.

I took all her training after completing the Feldenkrais training.
In retrospect I consider the Feldenkrais training a marvelous education.
I consider Anat's work, a transformational training that sends pretty much
every one out in the world ready to give powerful and effective lessons.

She talked of her China trip in her most recent training and a transcript of this will
be on her blog.
Her work was powerful enough to have the Chinese government
itself rethinking its policies towards all the orphan's in China.
She went there because the woman who started and runs
Half the Sky ( http://www.halftheskymovement.org/ )was in one of Anat's workshops and asked:
would you like to come to China, I have a program that is aimed
to help 50,000 orphan's in China.
That got Anat's interest.

Anat's book is co written with someone who wants it accessible to 
anyone eighth grade education . They argue a lot as he wants it more watered,
she less.
If anyone wants a beginning flavor of her power as a teacher,
I'd recommend one of the DVD's of her full weekend workshops,
the Back Weekend, the Vitality and Anti-Aging weekend. Neck weekend,
or most potent probably, the weekend with parents and those who work with
Special Needs children.

She also has a training starting in March, and
even going to one nine day segment could
be life changing.

Sounds dramatic.
Maybe it's true.

I thought it would be a la de da
review and the first nine days has a depth of third or
fourth year in the F training.
By segment 7 or 8 and you are getting training that
might often be an advanced training in the F world.

My son was going to just play along and check it out
for one segment.
16 segments later he is changing the lives of 2 special needs children
in Los Angeles on top of three other jobs.

Call me if you'd like to talk about taking her training,
even at her prices, which are being worked down.

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