Tuesday, December 21, 2010

the gift of now

maybe I've said this before
oh well

here goes again

to be present
is to be free to go
in any direction

so much of so-called body work
is like this:
"worker" (in and of itself a strong clue about
why "body work" doesn't really respect the whole person)
looks for something that needs to be "worked on"
in the "client"

then, they work away:
and people love it

at least someone is paying attention to them
touching them
waking them up to their skin and flesh and muscles and all
that stuff


and to be present
is this:

put a hand somewhere on the student's body,
with the idea of touching
touching the whole self

make a small movement
and feel
and watch
and notice
what happens

this is a welcome to
who the other person is

the brain is organized around
around movement

how is this person organized

what small little bits
in the present
could be added
to their

listen to their responses
go slow
be present

feel what's going on in

this advice

could work for
a practitioner
for a lover
for a parent of a restless child
for a parent of a special needs child

for any friend of a special

which is to say:

and guess what,
is a certain way:
we can go inside
and listen to ourselves
this way


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