Monday, December 20, 2010

What about Rest? Food for life in the un-doing?

I have been almost two hours on the internet doing various stuff
with my other blog, Slow Sonoma dot com
and my over website,
Waking Up for Life dot com, or 4 Brain Fitness dot com

I've enjoyed this
and enough is enough

AND I want to get something up on this blog,
which I'm going to call:
Life Potency

because I'm tired of the name Wake Up Feldenkrais
(after all the guy is dead, why should he wake up,
and the Feldenkrais movement is either evolving or
not evolving, depending,
in my opinion,
on whether people are developing new lessons based in function
and potency,
or are engaged in various water down schemes to get the work
more toward "energy"
or "release"
or even "healing," in the old, meaning,
not Moshe's meaning of health as getting the umph and potency for
forge ahead on your vowed and unavowed dreams).

new name
and the title to this essay was supposed to be about rest and un-doing.

Well, maybe I am undoing the name of the site
even though I was going to write about how important
and non doing is.

What the hell.

Let's all do about twenty minutes of nothing now.
Lie down on our firm tables or the floor and take a nap,
or meditate,
or make up a little movement lesson for ourselves.

Maybe that will create an interesting shift in
our lives,
or just recharge us.


Have fun in nothing/ slow land.


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