Friday, October 07, 2011

dancing is good 4

dancing is good for the soul
they say

and one is wise never to
listen too closely to they

and then again "they" may be
occasionally "right"

if "right" exists
and that's leaving the dancing floor

and now
we are on a computer page
and we have feet
and the feet have soles

can we sense our soles of our feet
as we read this

and can we imagine playing with the grass or the
living room floor or the dance floor with
our soles

so dancing surely is good
for our soles

and since they never say that,
or rarely,
it could be worth looking into

the way feet look;
the sensation of you
inside you
sensing you

right now

(and that's neither right nor left
nor right nor wrong,
but just plain old
moving along and changing changing
right now)

bye for now

right now


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