Monday, October 10, 2011

feeling bad in the context of bigger body, bigger mind, + "now"

feeling bad isn't the worse
thing in the world

though attacking yourself
or others when you feel bad
is how the  world starts to fall apart

but hey, what of feeling bad
and being present
to the bigger picture
of the you
that is breathing
and awaring your feet and legs,
your hands and arms,
your spine and head

aware all that
and be aware that you are aware
and feel bad
at the same time

and what happens?

try it next time
and see.

and whatever you are feeling now,
find the sensations
of that feeling
and concentrate on them

and then bounce out to the arms and legs
and spine
and head

make that the basket for
your feelings

and then add on light
and sound

they are there
just notice them
and then:
how are you

who are you,
all this awareness
all this juice in the now

does it really matter what you're feeling
more probably:
how can all this awaring of
in the moment
not get you at least a little giddy
with the joy
or being alive



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