Thursday, October 06, 2011

Sometimes we anger, sometimes we sad

Sometimes we charge
up and anger our world

sometimes we slump in
and sad-ify the whole joint

Not fun, either one

And we usually gots someone else
to blame

And hey, that's a shame,
play this game:

Go now time
go present

sense the this and that in your body
about the anger or about the sad

where is they live?
how big?
what are they clamping in on?
what would happen if you made them WORSE?

What if you sensed arms and legs
and spine as a basket for them?

And breathed into these sensations?

And looked out at the big beautiful world?

And forget about having or getting rid
of these "feelings"

Just experience them
And light
and breathing
and your whole body
and the smaller place of the anger/ sad oowie inside us constriction

and dig on that

just experience
your life
with some anger some sad sensations
and then all this rest
of you:

a world to look at
sounds too, by zounds
and the skeleton and your awarness
and pelvis and legs arms
and the head up high
and the Big Knowing:

it's a lot

hey yes
it's you
it's a miracle


that's right

enjoy even anger or sad making
because in this bigger now
you've come to
not so big a deal

not so big a deal

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