Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How now can fear be?

it curls up around us
as if it owns us
a snake
a big wrap around
and squeeze the life out of
you snake

not the happy type
climbing into trees
and coaxing Eve on:
go on
go on
try something new
set the whole adventure in motion

So what if God gets pissed
that's a story in the Bible
God doesn't get pissed
She's chuckling ever second
at the amusing glory and silliness
and tragedy and glory
of love
love everywhere and every how

but wait a minute,
back to the fear snake
squoozing us
and making us feel like
we can't move on

well, hell
stand up
walk around
sense the ground

maybe we can move after all

go outside
touch the ground
reach up for the sky
feel, hey we can move
and it's an up and down
and amazing world

and then let the fear thought
come out
right on out
and write it out

three times:
slow and serious like you "mean" it
fast and frivolous, it's just words
and then you pick, some third way

realize these is just words

look at them like they run you:
sense how that feels

look at them like you wrote them
and they're an opinion
you don't have to believe

sense how that feels

play back and forth:
I believe in the power of the fear statement

I don't believe in it

write the opposite, see if that could be as true

write a tangent

write a dream

write five things you are grateful for

go back outside and skip walk dance a bit

it's you,

that fear is just a game your mind and heart
are trying to trap you in

it's you doing it
you can stop

have a bunch of fun at the same time


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