Friday, September 14, 2012

supposed to be uncomfortable in relationship, part 2

in the Buddhist model
1. there is suffering
2. suffering caused by grasping or aversion
3. way out: enlightenment
4. eightfold path to enlightenment: right this and right that

in the world of relationships

1. relationships, unless you marry your twin, or have perfect parents both of you, are uncomfortable

2. the uncomfort is  from trying to make someone who isn't you, be just like you, or at least repress the hell out of themselves so YOU won't have any buttons pushed

3. way out: unconditional love
= looking forward to your buttons being pushed,
because then you can deprogram that one more button,
and love even better

4. the pathway:
pay attention, deeply
be open to what comes up, in you, guess what , you are perfect and if shit comes up, it's your shit
be curious about your shit
be thankful for your imperfect partner for showing you that you are imperfect
kiss the Earth and their feet for all your and their imperfects
love what is, the so called "worse" the better


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