Sunday, September 16, 2012

Truth vs a higher grade bullshit

Last night I got to participate in an event that so -called
stretched my limits

Going to bars and asking women this and that
and being rejected 10 times

I'm super glad I did it,
but the best parts,
were waking up to Now
within a scene almost totally asleep

standing in an the noise

and people 
and with all the "I have to go this and this" story,
and dropping the story,
coming home
to the non story,
non important
pure reality

the me
without image

the me
without accomplishment or
non accomplishing

the alive

and alive

and just stopping
back to breath
back to gravity
back to sensing feet underneath,
knowing the seeing of what I was seeing
knowing the hearing of what I was hearing

knowing this,
this nowing of me as alive right then
was fabulously more important than
my thoughts and feelings and goals and successes
and failures in the "talk to a woman" game

the game can be played
to learn...
that's good

the game can be played
to wake up...
that's gold

and then when it was over,
walking down the street
sensing each step,
aware of the I AM ALIVE
as now, now, now miracle

I was glad not to have been as lost
as I could have been

This is a brutal truth
for me and you and you
and even now,
typing this in,
even now,
reading this:

we only have three choices

Low grade asleep
High grade asleep
or Awake

actually, there are thousands of gradations of
and what passes as most "transformation"
is just upping the level
of sleeping functioning

but without the spark of conscious awareness
in the moment
something is lost

and DO NOT take my word for it
live today to
discover the difference in
each and every activity
non activity

life is a gift
learning is infinite
awakening is always now

ciao (rhyme)


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