Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Next dream... please

we move along,
we have a dream
we plod after it
and then
one day,
we get fired up
turned on,
we zoom to the dream
and beyond, sometimes,
almost effortlessly

and then what?

time for the next dream

There is a wonderful Moshe Feldenkrais story. He was doing a large group workshop, in which people needed to get up and down from the floor. One lady, restricted by cerebral palsy, was in need of a lot of assistance, and gamely kept up with everyone.

After the group lesson, Moshe called on her to be his demonstration student for his one on one Functional Integration work on the table. She came up, with assistance, and he sat her down and asked her what her dream was.

She said, to dance.

He nodded, and then worked his neurological magic for half an hour, then stood her up, and proceeded to waltz around the room with her, to not a dry eye.

Then he turned to her quite seriously and asked: "And now, what is your next dream?"

this is life:
the engagement
the solving of the riddles
the moving forward,
especially when the meandering and all inclusive feminine
is dancing with the one stop at a time, and linear masculine
to create a ability,
a new life
a new action
ah, bliss

and then:
"Next dream, please."

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