Monday, June 10, 2013

After Nine Month: Orgasmic Birth (????)

Yesterday, I graduated from nine months of the most intense inner work of my life. And since it really was inner work, it was hell. Since it was real inner work, it involved death, the dropping off of the clung to not-me, and that was hard, hard, to say the least. and on the other side: heaven. For 10 weekends, one a month from September of 2012 until June of 2013, I've been flying from Austin to San Francisco to learn the art, science and magic of Orgasmic Meditation.

And what is Orgasmic Meditation you might ask?
Stick around and you'll be answered. If not today. Tomorrow or the next day.

This program was so full and rich and world destroying and life rebuilding that I'm going to post about it for 30 days straight. Today is June 10. The last post in this series will be July 10.

Who knows what I'll say, but I'll try to convey at least a little of the riches I have received every day.

okay, okay, what to say today:
you've heard it a lot: the truth will set you free.
i've seen and felt and experienced that many times over the last nine months.
sometimes, the simplest truth, like: "I would like some help" can, if expressed, be a life changer

so can the vulnerable truth in the present.
as in now: I want to convey to you the wonders of Orgasmic Meditation as a PRACTICE, as a daily engagement, that will lead you, as it has lead me, to greater and greater connection with others, and greater and greater opening to what I'm really feeling.

This is what I want for you today: to sense in your body, the sensation of you, right now. And to feel in your emotional self, what your emotional feelings are.
One kind of feeling: sensation ( I feel a warmth and fluttering in my chest and a constriction near my eyes) and as emotion ( I feel tender and tentative).

And if you want to ask yourself: how could I feel more, sense more, connect more?
This is what it feels like for me, now, after nine months: all these three keep expanding and expanding and expanding, more sensations, more emotions, more connection.

And what is OM, what is Orgasmic Meditation?
Starters: a 15 minute partner mediation, where the stroker ( usually a man, but not always) storkes, with the gentleness of the weight of 2 sheets of paper, the upper left hand quadrant of a woman's clitoris. With a timer. And rules to keep this just a mediation. And guidelines to use this to enrich and clear up your life.

It's simple, it unearths a life based on desire ( ie our real selves vs our should/shouldn't good/bad sevles), it increases attention, and connection.

How? Stay tuned.

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