Monday, June 24, 2013

What does Humanity Need?

What does humanity need?

I have couples go through this exercise, saying to each other,
while being present,
following their breathing,
looking each other in the eye:

"This is what I want for me.....
This is what I want for you....
This is what I want for us...."

To this, I think I'll now add:

"This is what I want for Humanity.....
This is what I want for the Earth......"

And here's the weird and wonderful part:

What I want for you, if I'm really thinking long game, and what's best for your life, this is what I want for humanity:
real sex
real connection

We are, you and I, playing a big game, this waking up and being true to ourselves and living in love and desire.
We are playing the game of leaving suffering behind.

And it can't be just for us, just you and me and a couple of our good sweet hot buddies and gals.
The whole world has had enough exploitation.
That we need to help end.

The whole worlds as had enough unhappiness because women's power, the power of her sexuality, the power of the creative and the messy and the earthy, and the confusing and the unknown, has been locked down and denied.

It's time to liberate ourselves and humanity and the Earth: get our hands in the soil, get our feet bare, waste time talking to our neighbors who live right next to us, mulch our gardens.

Even this,
a ramble if there ever was one:
it's a spilling out of that way of thinking:

everything matters,
the leaves you save instead of blow off and away
the crying your friend does that you enjoy and encourage
the confusion that you feel and honor
the truth you tell

the desire
the desire
the desire

to touch
make out
make love,
look in the eys
hold hands,
go slow

we are all pieces of God
wanting to get back to each other

this is what I want for you
this is what I want for me
this is what I want for us
this is what I want for humanity
this is what I want for the Earth:

in the present
with that which remains when all else disappears in
the present,
which is


cheers and happy Monday


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