Thursday, April 16, 2015

Death and Taxes.. vs, what you can REALLY count on

From the book: Love, Lust and Enlightenment: Falling deeply in love, coming off a "verge of divorce," and becoming "almost enlightened" to boot.
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Death and Taxes
(And… What you can REALLY count on)

I am alive. You are alive.
Someday I’m going to die.
Someday you are going to die.

So be it. Ho hum.
What’s new?

And yes! What good news!

And why, pray tell, is this “good news?”

Because there is only one thing that we can REALLY count on (two really), and that is this moment.
And good news about the now is that this moment is right here, right now, even this now.
No, wait, especially, this now.
This now.
This now.
This now.

No waiting.
Not planning.
No needing the right uniform, age, health, mood, thoughts, feelings.
The now doesn’t demand you be happy, nor smart, nor at your best form.
It is only what it is: your experience in this moment.
Your awareness that allows you to experiencd your experience.
No, not allows, as if it is separate. How about this: you are this awareness, and you can wake up to being awareness, to the experience of being awareness.
Can wake up only one time.

And the other “thing” (quality, delight, aspect of life) that we can count on is LOVE.
In the now, with no words in our head to tell us the we or the other or the world is not “good enough,” all that’s left is love.
Don’t take my word for it.
Don’t “try” to love the world, the other, yourself.

Experience what’s left in the now without the opinion about the now.

See/ feel/ know for yourself.

So, that’s it, plus a little super important note after the talking exercise.

Talk today:
Take 5 minute turns.
Talk about one third about your sensations in the Now.
Talk about one third about your feelings (as emotions) in the now. With no “because.”
“I am angry.” “I am sad.” “I am curious.” “I am happy.”
All those, and many many more with no “because” afterwards.
Talk about one third about what is important to you in life.

Pause three to ten breaths after the timer goes off and the other person talks for five minutes.

If you have timer, do this twice each way.

This is more important that food or exercise.

Touch today
Kiss the partners arm for 2 3 minute turns
One: without requests
Two : with requests.

Both ways.
Pause to breathe in between.

Share the difference, both giving and getting

The “because” thing.
Skip it
Today, now, the rest of your life. ( Except when you want to go inside and reclaim your demons… that’s another day)
If you say, “I am angry.”  It’s true. It’s about you, or your closest take on this “emotion” inside you.
“I am angry because you don’t appreciate me enough” is the old slavery:
Complaint/ demand/ victim/ blame/ avoidance of responsibility.
Call it what you may, it’s a lie: You are the one making you angry = freedom to love.
The other person is the one making you angry= slavery.

Easy as that.

Anger is fine. Do push ups. Chop wood. Clean the kitchen. Even make love (slowly, with now-ing, which will get you into reality). Make money. Take a walk. (Don’t run. Running in emotional states is almost always running away from yourself)

Anger is fine.
Anger because of…. Is bullshit.

We always have choice.

All we need is to be present enough to realize that there is a real you inside who can make that choice.


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