Monday, April 20, 2015

Waking Up has many flavors, and they all equal... you

Waking Up

Waking up is fun.
Waking up is a pain in the ass.
Waking up is hard.
Waking up is the only way to be sane.
Waking up makes you a freak.
Waking up makes you free.
No one will understand you.
You will understand everyone.
You could be lonely.
You could be blissfully at one with everyone.
You could be in free fall.
You could be totally grounded.

Waking up’s fun.
Waking up’s your chance.
Waking up’s life.

And this book is about sex every day and talking every day and enlightenment.
And we haven’t talked about the famous genitals.
And we aren’t going to.

It’s all kissing and touching.
And sensing yourself.
And listening to your own body.
And listening to their response as you kiss and touch.

And feeling the point of contact.
And giving requests.
And getting requests.

See how this could come in handy when you get under the covers and get into the hurly burly?
Life in the sexual arena is usually a rush to the finish, and asleep and fraught with the peril of making sure this and that happens.
No one slows down.
No one makes requests.
No one says: now I feel this, now I’m doing that.

It’s all the animal thrashing.
Fun in a way. And definitely a good way to blow off extra steam and create the next generation, and create some oxytocin.
And ultimately: a waste.

Sex without being awake is a waste.
Talk without being awake is a waste.

Keep kissing.
Keep touching.
Keep talking.

It’s your life. Do you want it with the lights on, or the lights off? With the heart open? Or the heart closed?

Your choice.

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