Saturday, June 24, 2017

An A++ relationship. Is that for you?

This is a book for those who are in a relationship that is pretty good, and are ready and willing to go to fabulous.

This is a book for those who have a pretty good life, and are ready and excited to be present and happy almost full time. What if you went up two notches in Everything about your already pretty great life?

This is a book for those who wish to go from being “alone” and wishing for a fabulous mate, to finding and cultivating a fabulous relationship as you discover who and what you are together in the present and joy.

This is a book for amazing people ready to be more amazing. 
This is a book for people headed toward an A++ relationship and marriage as central to your life.

Perhaps this is you.
Let’s not wait. Now is the time to delight in the now. 

Come to the present right now.
Sense your body. Feet, hands, arms, legs. 

Think of a gratitude or two.
Take a deeper breath and feel yourself expanding.

Does that begin to wake up your connection more to the real you?
Then this book is for you.

What makes for an A++ relationship?
Six areas, at least, and in coaching this is a six month process at least.

In the book, over the next three weeks you can begin to play many “games” that will take you well on the way to creating the fabulous love, friendship and marriage that you deserve.
And, if you are “alone,” many of the games will lead you to better and better and better connection to the present and to your body and to various other people in your life.

The six areas of A ++  relationship.

Ability to be silent together, and deeply enjoy that.
“Be still and know I am God.”

Meditation a few times a day, for short or long periods. 
Gratitude, love and awareness as one form of meditation.
Silence as another form.
Deep breathing and visualization as another form.
Smiling and being present as another form.
Discovering WHO YOU REALLY ARE as the main form.

Playing the game: how to talk and not go unconscious.
Talking, listening, pausing, really listening: in the present.
Deep enjoyment and connection in daily communication

Being in your body, the 90% below the neck, almost 90% of the time.

No complaining.
Gratitudes spoken often.
Forgiveness as a ready and easy process. All resentments cleared and gone.

Asking for what you want.
Delighting with yes or no as an answer.
Lots of hugs.
Lots of handing hands.
Lots of listening. 

3. FUN
Entertainment as pleasant, not numbing out. I.e., just as happy without alcohol, as with alcohol. No need for overeating and deserts as fake happiness. Just as happy at home as at the movies.
Taking a walk: a big and easy thrill.
Fun at home, fun away from home.
Playful and spontaneous, discovering new ways to relate and enjoy each other. Spontaneous discovery of “games” for your own life.

What is learning? Noticing a new difference that makes a difference.
A life of ongoing learning. Every day. In many delightful ways.
Living in the land of learning: the new and the now and awareness of differences that make a difference.

Discovery as constant.
Presence and happiness and learning all creating fun.
Getting younger and younger in body movement and mind.

Better parenting.
Easier and more effective “saving the world.”
Freedom from fear and anger and guilt as we delight and succeed in this.
Smart and happy in charity and local generosity.
Having a big meaning and purpose for your family.

At least three different possibilities. (Not positions. Two one way, one both). 
One of these three every day, or almost every day.
Sex as being present, and learning, and love, and orgasm, and meditation.
Present and able to handle better and sweeter and more pleasurable sensations than ever before.

Able to talk through stuck points.
Delighting in the “learning” from things not so great this last time.
Enjoying the moment, the touch, the connection.

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