Friday, June 09, 2017

Awareness is the Real You, the Real Me

Awake in Now. Awakened Life is a Full time delight.

I have never heard anyone extol The Power of Now, who was actually present and in the now as they were extolling.

This is one of life’s fun and amazing jokes: you can talk about the Now, and not be in the now.
You can study/ talk about/ write about mindfulness and the present, and be neither mindful nor in the present. At least in those moments.

And you and I, right now…..
What can we do to return  to this shifting and amazing and magical place of the present of the present?

Reality is a great place to start.
Breathe with awareness.
We are in air. That is part of Life on Earth.
If we don’t breathe we die.
Since you are reading or listening to this now, chances are good that you are alive.
Me too!

And that means we are breathing.
Either breathing in, or holding, or breathing out.
The air comes in somewhere. We can sense that. Right now. Nose or mouth. (Sensing = having the physical sensation in awareness in that moment. To sense is to do that. Now. )
The coming in air goes to our lungs which requires that our ribs or our belly or both expand.
We can sense that. Right now.
Letting air out requires another shift in our lungs/ ribs / belly. We can sense that. Right now.

Breathing in, I can know I am alive by sensing the air coming in and movement in my body.
Breathing out, I can smile.

You, too.
Give that a try.

Awareness and love.
These are central to Life on Earth. Without awareness love usually goes awry.
Love is at the center of all Real Life.
Awareness is the necessity to have real love.

This is a manual, a rocket ship really of games to take us to awakened love. That’s why we are starting, now, this breath and then the next and then the next…. to be present to this very moment.

This very moment is your life.
Is my life.
If we aren’t present, we are asleep to our life.
Is that good enough for you?
If so, put the book back. Or put it on the shelf to “get around to.”

If being alive and aware of your life right now is a new normal from which you want to live, breathing in, and sensing your ribs and belly, breathing out and smiling, if you want this vibrancy and awareness of your life, right now…..
Read on….

Awareness is who we have been our whole life. Before name, before words. Always there. Stop “thinking” and who/what is left?
Try it and notice.

This is our self in our real self in this moment.

There is wondrous aspects to the awareness who we really are.
One, awareness is a part of us without judgment or hurry or commentary.

Two….It is always now. No waiting around.
Three… It is always here. No where to go to enter the awareness game.
Four: so much of life is something our awareness loves to put attention on.

We can be aware of our breathing.

What else comes with the Life on Earth game?
We can be aware of gravity. Here. Now. 

Somewhere, unless you are in outer space, you are interacting with gravity. Your rear, your legs, your feet, your arms have their weight and are all pressing down against something.

Sensing this connection with gravity can always wake us up to the present.

Arms and legs are part of the miracle of life on earth. We can reach, make pottery, paint, make love, eat, cook, sweep the floor, chop the wood with our arms and hands.
Legs move us here and there. You started the day in bed. You got up. Did this and that. Now you are reading or listening to this. In some other place. Your legs (or a wheelchair) brought you to the new place.
(If a wheelchair brought you, the Feldenkrais®/ Anat Baniel anti-aging games of this book will make a HUGE difference in your life.)

Arms, hands, fingers. Now.
Sense them.
Legs, feet, toes. Now.
Sense them.

Let’s slow a bit and sense the whole miracle of four limbs of such fullness and competence and possibility.

Sense your legs. One at a time.
Two legs, that start at the hip joint and have thighs and knees and calves and ankles and feet and five toes per foot, usually.
What happens to you when you sense all that?
Do this one leg at a time. As a gift to yourself.
As the present of the present.

Sense your arms. One at a time. Delight in these miracles. Celebrate the wonder of all this. Always with you.
And now, more presents: we can, one at a time, sense our two arms, that start at the shoulder and have an upper arm and elbows and a lower arms and wrists and hands and five fingers per hand, usually.
What happens to you and I when we sense that miracle of human and earthly life?
Arms from shoulder to finger tips.
Legs from hip joints to toe tips.

What happens when we sense, in this moment, in this now, the four limbs that make human life so unique and amazing?

A lot.

And then there is light coming in our eyes.
Sound coming in our ears.

This is the now, in which we can surf joyfully as it is always changing.

Breathing in and out.
Arms and legs out to fingertips and toe tips.
Connection with gravity.

Tis a lot?
The now is wow.

Go there and enjoy.

Add a smile to this all.
You are alive.

If you can feel how a life and a relationship in this vibrant and real miracle of now, miracle of awareness, Real You of Awareness,  could make an immense difference to you and to the world and to everyone around you, please read on.

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