Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Awake is Now, awake is full time

I have never heard anyone extol The Power of Now, who was actually present and in the now as they were extolling.

This is one of life's fun and amazing jokes: you can talk about the Now, and not be in the now.

You can study/ talk about/ write about mindfulness, and not be mindful.

And me, now?

How to avoid this trap?

I have breathing.

Air is part of life on earth.

Awareness is the central / second central gift of human life. ( Love is the central, but without awareness love always goes awry )

We can/ I can/ you can be aware of breathing in and breathing out, right now.

The air comes in somewhere. We can sense that.

The ribs or the belly expands. We can sense that.

Only now can we experience the sensation of now.

What else for Life on Earth?


Where do I/ you/ we feel gravity right now?

Rear end?
Arms pulled down against....?

Sense that. The experience is only now. Don't comment or explain or compare. Just sense yourself, alive now, in the miracle of life, on the planet Earth.


And then there is this body thing.

Legs that go from hip joints to five toes in each leg, most folk.
We can sense that now.

Arms that go from shoulders to five fingers in each hand, most folk.
We can sense that now.

A heart that will almost always shift if we smile.

Light coming in our eyes.

Sound coming in our ears.

All of this is a lot.

And it's reality, it's the real now.

It's feast.

It's always shifting.

To be present is a great joy the way surfing is: staying present to the changes in each moment we experience the most important fact of all....


Do you want to wake up?

Do you want awakened love, where you and your partner talk in this awareness, and make love in this awareness, and resolve "fights" by realizing that you have lost the present moment and need to come back to it?

Then text, if you wish the fabulous love of awakened love, and set up an hour free sample coaching: what would amazing and awakened love be for you.

Warning: the coaching will be IN the present, not just ABOUT the present.



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