Monday, June 12, 2017

Our obligation to have great sex and "save the planet"

Saving the Planet? Great sex and talk and delight along the way? ….. Yes

The world is a mess.
Either you know this, or you don’t.
We have some sort of obligation to do something about this mess.
You feel that or you don’t. If your life is trapped in just you and your work and your family, so be it. And,,,, when we get still and get present, almost everyone alive with their soul even partially intact will feel some calling to make a difference on this planet.
We are part of the planet.
Nature is where we came from and who we are at a deeply fundamental level.
Care taking is built into how our hearts and souls operate when we are vital and alive and in love with life.
Care taking of Nature, and of others, is part of who we are.

This book, this coaching, is for those who want to selfishly get immensely happy, in the realms of ease and communication and sex, and their bodies moving in younger and younger ways.
And who want to use the joy of all that to make the bigger world better. 

It’s how native cultures were so robust : built into their very fabric was taking care of the Whole for seven generations down the line. We are caretakers. We are love, beneath all the fear and habit. We want to help/ care for/ love/ tend/ heal the Big Scene.

Either you feel that, or you don’t.

If you do feel that, and have a suspicion that the way most people want you to go about “saving the world” involves getting angry or afraid or overwhelmed, and you think, feel and KNOQ to the core of your being that that is bullshit, then this book is for you.
If you want to be happy and present and living in an awakened and fabulous (and very sexy, sex drenched in fact) relationship while you "save the world," then this book is for you.
And aware means, now, right? Arms and legs and breathing and gravity and light and sound.
And smiling.

Awakened lovers.
Of our fabulous partner.
Of healing the Earth.
Of healing the mess that humanity is in.
With joy and ease and delight.
And effective action.

And what if you don’t have a partner yet, is this what you want… finding fabulous partner.
Who wants to be awake.
Who wants to save the planet.
Who lives beyond the mental chatter and the selfishness of most lives, even (often especially) so called “successful” lives.

And you want, together, to make a difference in this world.
If you want to be perfect, this book is not for you.

If you want to be present and save the world, and have great sex, and upgrade your brain (brain plasticity) and reverse your years in coordination and movement and joy, then… this book is for you.

Where is the second best place to start (after coming into the present)….


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