Friday, September 08, 2006

Friday: Sept. 8: Feldie Fun #2

Let’s remember our Feldie Way of going about “doing,” which is

  • to put our awareness on the process,

  • to go slow,

  • to use less force,

  • to use lots of awareness,

  • to breathe and smile and wonder,

  • to rest a lot,

  • to meander,

  • to undo the idea of finding the “right way,”

  • to return to how we learned as babies,

  • to indulge in the world of now,

  • to explore in the world of How?

  • to exult in the world of sensing,

  • to look for pleasure,

  • to goof around and experiment and look for learning.

  • Okay, so what shall we try today? Heck, let’s do a little more rotation around our central axis, because that is the easiest way to get to this radically wonderful and elusive obvious: our backs aren’t a thing, they are a co-operative venture of 24 vertebrae and various muscles and whatnot and a brain that is either making things easy and sweet and pleasurable, or not. I won’t give a separate number for the rests this time around.

    1) Sit at the front edge of your chair. Sit more or less tall and see how your Sitz bones feel on the chair and how your feet feel on the floor and how your breathing feels in your body and how you feel in your you. Now, slowly and easily turn your head to look behind yourself to the right and to the left. See what is the same and what is different about each direction. Pick the direction that is easiest to turn. Rest.

    2) Turn halfway to that direction and put your hands under the opposite armpit. Slowly and all the rest of the above list, rotate your shoulders and ribs to the right as you move your head and tongue to the left, and then rotate your shoulders and torso to the left as you rotate your head and tongue to the right. The tongue? Yeah, let it go a little farther that your head is going, as if it’s leading the motion in that direction. Go back and forth and bunch of times, noticing how many vertebrae you can enjoyably notice. Rest (Come to the center and close your eyes in rests.)

    3) Turn halfway in that direction and move your eyes one way and your head the other. Back and forth, easy and fun. Now, move your eyes one way and your tongue the other. Sometimes move your head the way the tongue is moving, sometimes move it the way the eyes are moving. Slow way down. Get confused or not, and see how it is to stop, start again and really figure out what the heck you are doing. Are you having fun? If not, rest and figure out a way to go about confusion and learning and having fun. Rest.

    4) Do the same thing again and make sure you really can figure out if the tongue and head are moving as one, or the head and eyes. And make sure that the tongue and the eyes keep moving in opposite directions. Rest.

    5) Move to half way. Move your knees so that one knee comes forward and the other comes back. Allow, enjoy, notice as that rotates your hips right and left. Do this for awhile until it is easy. Then put your hand in your opposite armpits and have your arms and torso rotating one way and your hips the other. Remember all the Feldie ways above. Enjoy. Rest.

    6) Turn to look over around yourself to each direction and see what difference this has all made.

    7) Turn halfway. Slump and slouch and bring your belly in and let your head come forward and your pelvis tilt so you are more on the tailbone. Then push your belly forward and arch your back and tilt onto the front of the pelvis. Feel all the vertebrae in this movement. Rest.

    8) Do the simple reference, turning left and right and enjoying the awareness and the involvement of neck and eyes and pelvis and ribs and maybe even the tongue.

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