Thursday, September 07, 2006

Thursday, September 7: Change's weird requirement: We actually change

A letter I wrote back to a fine person
who is skitting in and out of being involved,
and who wrote

"I'll catch up with you some other time for another appointment"

I wrote:

" This phrase
sounds almost like the famous...."I'll think about it...."
which means... later to the point of infinity.

The ordinary part of us all wants
to always do
what we always did.
And then,
if that doesn't work,
and we stumble or crumble into
pain or trouble,
we want, magically, to
have the pain go away
and have the
"fix-it," "make it all go away"
without our really doing anything different.

The human lot:
"Please let me change,
as long as I don't have to
change anything."

This is ordinary
and keeps us coming again
and again
to the stuck points that
the outside cures don't address.

On, the inner hand
I'm looking for extra-ordinary people
and the extra-ordinary person in you
who want(s) to change enough
to actually be willing to change.

Which requires
actually doing things
and thinking things
and organizing in
new ways.

More fun ways,
more efficient ways,
less painful ways,
more pleasurable ways.

But different.
Change requires change.

So, if you are up for that,
"catch up" with me more sooner than later.


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