Monday, September 11, 2006

Monday, September 11: WakeUp Feldie Thoughts on 9-11

Okay, okay, let me make this clear: this is Feldenkrais via Chris Elms and what I think this all might have to say about 9-11.

We could take a very contrarian view and say: 9-11 is great.

We could take the normal view: a tragedy, either for the victims or the world or our highjacked democracy and so on. To me that’s so boring I’d rather take the 9-11 is great view.

And being Feldie thinkers, what additional optional ways of going about this could we go:

Academic/Jesuit: on the one hand good, on the other hand bad. Again, boring to me.

So what’s left?

One fall back, when in doubt, and it’s a premise of my idea of what WakeUp Feldenkrais is about: and that’s the fallback, the failsafe, the always solid ground of Now. Right now, this day is called 9-11 again, but is that true? It’s true on a calendar, but what is this day, really? What is this now, really?

I was once married to a gal from the north country faire. Really, Winona, Minnesota was her home town, a town so beautiful Wynona Ryder is named for it, and so is my daughter Wenonah Elms. Anyway, when said Wenonah was a bit wee one, we traveled VW van (see essay today for another VW bus) to this beautiful town to visit her parents. Her dad is/was almost a saint and the mom kind of made up for it the other way around. She bitched the ex-wife, Peggy, endlessly for not visiting more often. Peggy kept saying, but we’re here now. Didn’t matter. At other times we hadn’t come and that was what was important to Grandma.

Same with 9-11. The past is over and we can rehash and chain and enslave our lives to it, and often do, and then we can to the other route: come free and fresh into the present.


Okay. That’s one out.. Another is to see the Big Lesson, which almost makes us snooze, just setting up that way, but what the hell. Fair warned we all are.

The big lesson, is that, as Gurdjieff said: humanity is asleep. We are asleep. We are sleep walking through our days and nights until we get to at least have an excuse when we sleep through our sleep (and even here we get it wrong, and need Michael Krugman to help us out. See

Humanity is asleep.

Damn, who wants to hear that? Better say it again: humanity is asleep. You and I are asleep a lot of the time. In a good Feldenkrais lesson, we come into the moment and really “understand” the present. Better, we “feel” or “sense” the present. Which is the way out mentioned above. So the big lesson is humanity is not present.

And sleeping people can be lead into almost any idiocy or atrocity. And they were and have been for centuries.

When are we going to wake up?

One moment at a time is a good start, don’t you feel/think?

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