Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Tuesday, Sept. 12: Waking Up


To be in this moment, what a nice idea.

To be in this moment, what a nice experience.

How can we cultivate that?

  • Follow our breathing.

  • Sense our toes and our legs.

  • Sense our pelvis and our spine.

  • Sense our ribs and our arms.

  • Sense our fingers.

  • Notice the sensations of breathing.

  • Be aware of thoughts and their lure away from inner peace.

  • Decide that being present is sweeter than the thoughts.

  • Sense arms and legs and spine and pelvis and head as five lines and how that shape is, right now.

  • Notice the light coming in our eyes.

  • Notice the sounds coming in our ears.

  • Notice the act of awareness.

  • Enjoy and be thankful for this moment.

  • Be kind and amused with ourselves when we forget.

  • Come back with gratitude to our true home: awareness.

  • And thanks.

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