Saturday, September 30, 2006

Sat, Sept 30: Who's in Charge Here?


Try this, if you would like:

Sit somewhere comfortably, or even lie on a bed or the floor or the sweet mother Earth. Open or close your eyes and follow your breathing, counting each breath, a full breath in and out as one.

Count your breaths up to twenty and then start again.

Sounds really simple, eh?

Hmm. It’s not so simple. Then to add on: being aware of the sensation of breathing as we breathe the twenty times and to be sensing and aware of our five lines (two arms, two legs, one spine/ pelvis/ head line) as we breathe, these is quite spectacularly hard.

At least it is for me.

And when I don’t’ succeed? Who’s in charge? The thought machine. My habits. It’s fun to watch, and even the thoughts that say: you blew it. More habits.

Some call this “ego,” but I find the whole Self vs. Ego nonsense one more good vs. bad, struggle, war baloney. Ego doesn’t exist, it’s just a concept.

We are either home to our attention or not.

Now, for those who know Feldenkrais, or perhaps would like to experience why this work is so amazing as an awareness builder: sit or lie once ( if lying, lie on your side). Now, move one shoulder backward as you move the same side hip back, alternating with your shoulder forward and your hip back twenty times, breathing with each time and paying attention to breath sensation and five line sensation.

Is this not a lot easier?

Hmm. What can we learn from this?

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