Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Anat Baniel's Nine Essentials, my phrases after

One: Movement with Awareness
Wake Up to Life
 Awareness of Movement is the Quickest Path to having our Attention
and to Brain Plasticity

 Two: Slow :
 Fast you can only do what you already know how to do.
 It's great for slipping on a banana. Tragic for playing piano, or learning to crawl.

 Three: Variation
 Enjoy Abundant Possibilities
 Noticing differences is the fundamental unit of intelligence

 Four: Subtlety
 Do less and achieve more
 Try less hard, notice more
 No pain, lots of gain

 Five:  Enthusiasm
 Turn the small into the Great
 Your excitement and attention feels a lot like love to them.
 Because it is.
 It's your inner joy as much as anything, an amplifier for their gains.

 Six: Flexible Goals
 Make the impossible possible
 The Process is where the real learning takes place.
 We want good brains for our kids, not well trained donkeys.

 Seven: The Learning Switch
A brain is one of the most miraculous things in the universe.
Let's use it .

 Eight: Dreams and Imagination
Dream big and they will follow
If you believe they can't change, they can't

 Nine: Awareness in the Moment
 If you are awake, they can wake up.
 Newness can only come from the Now.

(Bonus: Love, real love, can only take place in the moment)

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