Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Learning Planet

Once upon a time
we loved
loved loved
to discover
what the other person was like

how they were like us
how they were different

and then.

blah blah

you know the story:
we get ourselves in a box
and we put other people in a box
and then
oh, shit

we have two boxes talking
to each other

let's have some fun in tonight's talking game

watch this

the first person that talks,
just go for two minutes

and the other listens, present and no interruption

and here's the catch.

the talker, tells what's going on in them
at the deepest possible level

but they tell it in gibberish

Then the listener
takes their turn guessing what the other person had to say

and then they tell whatever they want to say,
in gibberish

the first person talks again,
in gibberish,

they can talk about how well the other guessed
what the other person missed,
and this is all told in gibberish

and back to the second:

and here we go,
the second
shares their responses
to what the guess was,
or what their reaction was,
or what more they want to say:

and it's all in gibberish

and go back and forth
and then it's over

and then have a ten minute
naked make out

and when are you going to figure out:

if you "got it right?"

I don't know.

I'm inventing this as I go

you invent this

and there's the rest of the day:

just talk gibberish,
and give feedback

but in this Love section of the
Love and Sex before dinner,
no verbal shareback of the accuracy or not
of the guessing intuition about your gibberish

is this fun?

you tell me,


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