Monday, June 23, 2014


This is going to be another teaser blog

And the tease is a big one

And without it,

We are sunk in life

Here's the tease:

Sometimes we don't get what we want in life

Things don't go our way

Things go to shit

People seem annoying, or downright antagonistic

and here's the game

the big

How to like, enjoy and even LOVE it when that happens?

And I'm not going to give all the answer,

but only a few hints:

When we aren't mindful,
we aren't free

When other people aren't mindful,
they aren't free

Unfree people
do what their programming tells them to do

Many , many people
( maybe even wonderful you and I)

have two or more levels of programming

the get along "pretty good/ pretty well"
when there is no stress

go into ?????
when their is stress

remember the awful/ awesome truth:

we are either mindful

or mindless


( the logic is airtight,
and the emotional effects
are often ruinous for whole lives)

when we go to mindless under stress,

what is the program we fall back on?

that's a big hint
chew it slowly

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