Monday, November 07, 2011

From today's special needs children blog

The fundamental unit of intelligence is
the perception of differences.

Let's list a batch in a recent series of lessons with Baby Joe:

my pants vs his pants
my shirt vs his shirt
his shirt vs his pants

kicking down with both feet
kicking down one at a time

the sound of bob bob bob bob
the sound of mom mom mom mom

the feel of those sounds in my throat

tongue out in the middle
tongue out on the right side
tongue out of the left
(my modelling from a pouting mood he was in for a bit)

standing on the left knee in pre crawling
standing (= putting weight on the be "up") on the right knee

tons of differences in where his weight is place forward back
side side in those standing on one knee positions

right hand with right knee
right hand with left knee
left hand....

these except for the standing on the knee
are somewhat "fillers" in the lesson of shifting
and bearing weight
in inner connections (ribs, pelvis, head, elbows, legs)
which are too complicated to explain in writing

and they have to be doled out slowly enough
so they are really "felt" by the child

but, you get the idea

the world is full of differences
and all
are waiting for explorations
and recognition
and the consequent heightening
of intelligence

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