Friday, November 18, 2011

what would Awakened Frienship Look Like

have you ever tried
to "remember yourself"
all day

attention in
one breathing
or arms and legs
and attention out
on the world of air and light and sound
and actions
we are moving through?

tis hard
even in simple circumstances

and noted when we
"lose it" most can
be delightful realization
of the immensity
of the "sleep" of most of our life

(even as i type this....)

and one of for
"wake up times"

is talking to another

and I'm in the mood to
have Awakened

with as many people as can stand

the waking up tribe

it's a kind of love
that leaves the clothes on
and take off the cage
around the heart

want to join me?

for NOW

1 comment:

Shelley said...

clothes good
cages bad
I agree
my friend
we're all riding
on borrowed wheels