Tuesday, June 12, 2012

7 steps for parents of children on the spectrum

1. Be mindful.
Look at your own life, movement, speech and action, and
realize when you are "out to lunch."
Make a happy and concerted effort to cultivate the difference
between being "here/ now" and moving along either on high
function automatic, or "spacing out", or low functioning automatic
(arguing, worrying, blaming, self pity, etc)

2. Buy Anat's book

Read it all, but especially the chapters on Awareness and Variation and Connecting not Fixing.

Go about seeing everything your child does as a potential
learning game
of delight
to you both.

No more "mistakes."
Only learning.

3. Change the diet according to either the GAPS protocol,
or the Body Ecology One:

See this video
U tube on Gaps and Body Ecology, first of six

4. Get your child Anat Baniel Method lessons.
See her website for the gains autistic children have made:

Autistic Spectrum page

5. Buy an expensive and very powerful book on
healing ANY disease, from cancer to heart disease to diabetes
with food.
The autism isn't a complete cure in his book (all the seven combined can be)
but he's got a special autism mercury detox protocol:

See the Conquer Any Disease book
at QiGong.com

While waiting on that, check out the various learnings
on my food page
of my website:

here's the food page:
My Food and Health Page

6. Study, learn, think about the difference
in the Son Rise approach:
meeting the child, joining, interacting
the ABA approach,
which is behavioral,
and mainly to get the kids to conform to
outside rules,
somewhat like dog training.
Here's a link I had on my original autistic page:

ABA vs Son Rise

7. Horses,
know about the most important human connection:
head and pelvis

(they don't know about the most important human function:
rotating around the axis. so they are great, but can radically be improved
by adding Anat Baniel Method.

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