Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Happiness is a sweet guide, and not necessary

 PIglets in tiger skins
nursing a tiger....
i wrote a blog about it ages ago,
i don't know why
and the piglets are happy,
the tiger is happy
and there is more to life than happy nursing
(or is there?)

Happiness is given If the food is coming
and the hugs
and we have something to do with our time--- learn, create, work,
serve, talk, sing, dance,
build, rest, walk, jump, skip,
read, garden, swim, even computer schlock--
something to do
we are absorbed in
and feeling fully alive

happiness is who we are


and then:
we are unhappy

and that's great
because it's a message

and the message isn't what we
are programmed to think:

that it's a "bad day"
or that we are "Wrong"
or that "Something should change"
(Though something could, could, and that
change is.....)

the usual is:
unhappiness means something out there
isn't "working"

and what it really means is
something in here
isn't loving
and relating to
and enjoying
and moving along
or accepting

or accepting and moving along

whatever is out there

I could explain this more clearly
and I won't

mull it through
if you are willing to read something twice

and then maybe get a pencil
or pen
and make your little poem
about happiness
and the
wonderful signal that
when we are "unhappy"
 we are
"off the mark"
(old fashioned/ smart definition of "sin")

is that saying unhappiness is a "sin"?

No, it's a reminder
a wake up
a gift to tell
us ....
you're missing the point
you're off the mark

slow down
what are you forgetting to love?

and do "it" a different way

Sin. ah sin, I find sin is too messy
and idea
too good and bad ish,
 for people
who want to live a real life,

but "off the mark"
unhappiness is saying

we aren't present
to the
kingdom of heaven

which is

or never

love ciao and now,

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