Thursday, June 21, 2012

Anthony De Mello

"All you can achieve by your effort  is repression,
not genuine change and growth.
Change is only brought about by
awareness and

Understand your unhappiness
and it will disappear--
and that results in a state of happiness.

Understand your pride and it will
which results in humility.

Understand your fears
and they will melt--
the resultant state is love.

Understand your attachments
and they will vanish--
the consequence is freedom.

(Awareness equals freedom, eh?-- my addition/ edition)

Love and
freedom and
are NOT things you can cultivate and

You can not even know what they are.
All you can do is observe their opposites,
through your observation,
cause their opposites to disappear."

Anthony De Mello's little, palm sized miracle book:
The Way to Love.

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