Monday, June 04, 2012

Returning Calls, or, If you can't love everyone, you can't love anyone

this is going to cover a lot of ground oh, well

if you have various people you
don't love,
it means you have rules,

they don't live up to
you don't love

and it turns out,
with that,
with your best super wonderful lover,
you'll also drag conditions in

you will
they may be subtle but you will

and phones:

when you call people
and they don't return the call,
this is usually annoying,
"Don't I count for this person."

And when we don't return the call,
we are telling those people,
consciously or unconsciously,
they don't count.

Can be a power trip.
Can be revenge.
Can be feeling we are too good for so and so.
Can be the busy thing as an excuse for all the above,
and how long would it take
to call or text:
Got your call, busy now,
but hope to connect.

I did that the other day,
and within my definition of manners:
I call back within 24 hours.

So I did.
Someone I thought would be a "drag"
So what,
that's what manners are for,
to treat people well.
So I called and said I only had a few minutes
and would love to hear why they called.

Turned into twenty minutes of delight.

Oh, well.

So, people don't have to have manners about calling me back.
I like myself plenty.

And I know that when they are unconsciously telling
other people they aren't good enough,
they are doing that to themselves.

We are all one,
they say,
the mystics KNOW,
we know when we are awake,
even the uncool people
we don't have time to call back.

We are all one,
and when we shuffle off a part of ourselves as another person,
we shuffle off part of God.

oh, well.

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