Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sensing the moment, the Gurdjieff meditation, mullings on forgetting and remembering and the "good life"

 A dogwood tree from Sonoma, CA (not Sedona, AR,
but cool at night down in the fifties, thirty miles from the Pacific ocean,
grape growing heaven, Sonoma)
which I thought was "too hot."
Little did I know "hot" till I moved to Austin,
where flowers struggle and somehow,
people thrive.

Sitting in the present We almost all have legs and arms
My wrists are perched on the desk now, fingers tapping in various letters

We have legs and feet and toes
My feet are bare, it's summer here in Austin,
and hot, inching up in the nineties and it's not noon yet.
But one foot wasn't flat on the floor and with awareness,
I notice that, and now both are and strangely
but no real surprise,
I breathe easier with both feet on the floor.


This is the Gurdjieff meditation.
It's simplicity itself, being in our bodies
and aware of the world at the same time,
like any relaxed and normal animal,
and real and happy child.

To be alive.

Light is coming in my eyes,
part from the computer screen,
part from the window to my right,
part the reflected light off the wall behind the computer.

Light comes in my eyes,
and I can almost sense that coming in-ness if I pay attention to
my face and head
and sensing the eyes brings awareness to the poise
or not
of my head
and that brings me to my spine,
holding up my head.

Spine and head

Cars go by.
The neighbor walks upstairs.
The keys make sounds as I type,
some humming in the building.

Life goes on.

To be in arms and spine and legs and toes
and sound

is a very full meditation,

one that can be done all day

and here's the thing:

when I forget,
I can get "down" on myself
for forgetting
or get happy I remembered to come back
to the present

or curious how that reawakening happened

or grateful that it did

staying present is its own reward
and how we treat ourselves in the forgetting and remembering
is a good
way to learn self love

of course,
is a good way to learn
"other people"

for they, too,
will forget their best and most awakened selves

ah, the light is still here
and the page is white with black marks that we decipher,
brains and all,
as letters,
and words,
and as you read

you have the same setup as I do,
the same possibility:


breathing too,
a nice addition to the being alive
and know
in the now
we are alive thing

(and the voice creeps in:
this is not enough....

and the voice, ah, that's another story,
these inner voices,
but while it's saying whatever it's saying
I can still sense fingers
and arms
and legs
and toes
and aware myself avail myself
feed myself
the light
the sound
the now


breathing, too


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