Monday, May 26, 2014

awakened tai chi

do try this at home

either do tai chi
whatever form you like

or fake it
move your weight from one foot to the other,
and in each shape of your feet, create a corresponding arm shape

here's the waking up part

on the foot where you have the weight:
pick a toe
sense that toe, and that whole leg up to your hip
and your pelvis
and your spine
and your ribs
and your opposite shoulder
and your opposite arm
all the way out to the corresponding finger
of that hand

you shift your weight to your left foot,
your hands are in a certain configuration
you pick your left big toe
and then sense that toe
and everything between it and the right thumb,

then shift your weight to your right foot,
have the hands where you want them,
and sense everything from right big toe
to the left thumb

then keep shifting and either stay on one pair for awhile,
or work up and down your fingers each pair of moves,
but eventually you'll get all the way to right little toe and left little finger
and everything in between
and left little toe and right little finger
and everything in

then work your way back
or start at the thumb/ big toe again

this takes a lot of attention
this wakes up your inner connections 
big time

this is
in action

not on a meditation pillow

and not trying to do the tai chi "right"

but doing the tai chi,
or whatever faking creating you are doing,
doing this movement 

waking up in movement
is the easiest way to
bring our attention to now

and this version ups the game
to a LOT of attention
in each movement

and hey:
guess what, gravity is a fairly big
deal on this planet

as is
having two legs

and mindful
is full
of mind

this gives your mind a lot
of fullness


( oh, yeah>.. it's "hard"
and we certainly can't sleepwalk through it..

go slower
attention is more important than effort
some light and skilled
effort at reigning in our attention
is certainly


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