Monday, May 19, 2014

Black People ( Those formerly known as Negroes)

I'm rereading a fabulous book
by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

I feel it's my reward in a way for having suffered through,
braved through, learned way more than
this secure American wanted to know about the genocide
in Nigeria
having read
Half a Yellow Sun, her amazing first book.

is tremendous.

Sociology in spades

take that all the ways you want

part of the thrill of this book is that the main
Ifemelu, from Nigeria in the United States
write an anonymous blog ( among other things so the readers can't guess if she's Caribbean of African black,
the title;
Racteenth or Various Observations About American Blacks (Those Formerly Known as Negoes) be a Non-American Black

entry after entry in this fictional blog is worth the price of the book alone

let me just nudge into this discussion,
one we all like to avoid,
most of us anyway,

by talking of an amazing discovery in my younger days

I was between junior and senior year at Stanford, where a black ( usually from Africa)
might be spotted occasionally in the distance)
but my idea was that
we were all equal,
of course,
and that meant that blacks were just white people
with a black paint job

and then I spend the summer in a black community
in the hills of the western part of Virginia ( nearest big town: Bristol, Tennessee)

and was quite shocked to find out:
blacks laughed a lot,
liked watermelon
smelled different
danced (very) sexy

This was obvious once I knew it
But until I didn't
was hidden from me

In this book
a non American black says the kinds of things that are rarely
and she's a woman,
so there's lots of heart with the smarts

this is a terrible book review
read it
if you want a rare, deep and wonderful treat

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