Saturday, May 17, 2014

Love, Loss and Magic, on a Saturday before sundown

This beautiful woman I'm with has told
me she wants to end the relationship

Except she still loves me
And I still love her

and here's the trip:
our mutual horoscope ( the only fellow I listen to in this crack pot field)
free will astrology says:

"When the path ahead divides in two, Aries, 
I am hoping you can work some magic
 that will allow you to take 
both ways at once. 

If you do master this riddle, 

if you can creatively figure out how to 
split yourself
 without doing any harm,
 I have a strong suspicion that 
the two paths will once again come together
 no later than August 1, 
possibly before. 

But due to a curious quirk in the laws of life,
 the two forks will never again converge 
if you follow just one of them now."

this is exactly what I feel with my deep and ambivalent friend:

we MUST end our relationship
we must keep something

what you call it I don't know

Let's call it a magical
not really relationship that's a relationship
but not a relationship

miracle on miracle

we agreed a ways back
that when one or the other had the urge to split
we would take seven days of an hour of talking
and two sexual meditation that I'll refrain
from mentioning here

and then, really clear,
we'll go our separate ways

except I feel
we are going to go
our magically
separate but not separate ways

something like "dying before you die"
the mystics are so found of

and luckily
being in a cheerful mystical mood
I don't have to explain that


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