Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Doing it better, vs Doing it Right

You know, gentle reader, this is a trap that can ruin our lives:
the wish to get something right.

The fervor to help another be right.

The pressure to perform something just right.

And besides killing the fun, what's wrong with this strategy
"getting it right?"

Let's take someone trying to improve their golf.

The choices are: going for doing it right
going for doing it better

Here are some possibilities each way:

Doing it Right

1. Being chronically tense, because you are "trying" so hard

2 Missing the moment by having your attention on what "right" "should" be

3. Going slightly crazy always comparing right to what you are doing, and having a stream of reasons why what you are doing is "wrong"

4. And if, miracle on miracle, you slog through all that and hit the ball "right," Then that's it. Your at the upper limit. It can't get any better. Shucks.

in this other world,
the world of Now
and the world of Curiosity
and the world of Discovery
which is to say the fertile fields of Doing it Better

there are all sort of possibilities

Better at being relaxed
Better at sensing your feet
Better at sensing your back
Better at breathing
Better at looking at the ball and the world
Better and sensing each finger
Each toe
Each vertebrae
The weight on your feet
the freedom in your neck
the breeze in the trees
the joy of being alive
the sun on your skin
the songs of the birds

all that being alive hooey

which isn't for everyone.
lots of dead people
lots of rocks and water molecules that never got to be alive,
or not yet anyway

skip that detour:
we are alive.

better at being alive
and the joy of discovery and learning
and how
would that play out on the golf course

and perhaps PLAY out is a good way to say it


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